Pixel Pointless
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unimportant opinions about everything

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    Pixel Pointless - Nostalgia

    I missed a Daily due to losing a battle with migraines and Debbie was nice enough to not even mention it. But I feel bad about it, so I'm apologizing here. Sorry ya'll. I'm not gonna make it up to you or anything but know I feel bad anyway.

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    Pixel Pointless - Srirachahah

    Don't forget to drop us a line over on srirachahah. You don't just start a podcast without developing super bad self-esteem issues after all.

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    Pixel Pointless - August Is Upon Us

    We hoped that recording later at night would cut down on some of the background noise (air conditioners and laundry or washing machines)... but you can still hear some of that shit if you crank up the volume. Someday, we'll be fancy and have a real recording area that's sound proofed. But that's a few years away. Sorry.

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    Pixel Pointless - Riled Up

    This week, Debbie was riled up and Mark tried (and failed) to keep the peace.

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    Pixel Pointless - Take Two

    It's week 2 and this was take 2. Mark managed to clip his mic wrong, Debbie talked about the Kardashians, and the cats made a brief appearance to close us out. Other stuff happened too, but you'll have to listen.

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